Collaborate your sales & marketing efforts
July 5, 2021

Collaborate your sales & marketing efforts

Back in the day Sales & Marketing had separate departments, having different responsibilities and objectives. For example, the Marketing Team may have been tasked to research into their customers purchasing behaviours, creating advertising material and generating prospects. Whereas the Sales Team ensured that the conversion of leads turned into customers. They were also responsible for the growth of the business and client retention.


Fast forward a good few years and the trend between Sales & Marketing is gradually changing.


Companies are now assembling Sales & Marketing together, with both contributing to enhancing profitability and productivity. This means the two groups work together in harmony with improved communication, collaboration, transparency, and efficiency.


Office Owls has both a Sales and Marketing Team, whose objectives and goals of the 2 teams are very similar. It is important to know that Sales & Marketing could fail if proper measures aren’t considered. At Office Owls, we have an efficient collaboration between both departments, which increases productivity and if both work in sync leads are then generated.


Office Owls top tips to enhance your sales and marketing team: –


  1. Ensure both share similar goals

The main goal for aligning both Sales & Marketing for many businesses may be revenue generation. Your Director or Manager of each department must ensure the 2 groups are working towards this goal.


  1. Clarify the roles

If both groups don’t have clear roles, it may cause conflict between the teams. Each group should know their responsibilities in any project. It is important to identify weaknesses and strengths from either sides and then assign tasks to the correct individuals.


If there is an underachieving group, they can discuss what issues hinder productivity and identify how to improve their performance. Overall, greater results can be attained, and it can be easier to accomplish the set goals.


  1. Oscar the owls says – regular communication is key

Lack of communication is a significant factor causing sales and marketing misalignment. Therefore, consider regular meetings to discuss goals, review performance and build an alliance between the two groups.


To enhance communication between the 2 groups, provide a setting where both can interact.


For example, here at Office Owls, we have a weekly Monday morning meeting. In the meeting, the marketing department goes through all things digital marketing related, including visits to websites, engagement rate across social media channels and the key tasks to be done for the current week. It enables the Sales team to follow up on certain projects and establish an understanding of the current customer attraction.


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