Introducing Office Owls Recruitment
September 1, 2021

Introducing Office Owls

Let’s talk about the professional services recruitment company Office Owls, based in Yate Bristol. Our Digital Marketing Executive Jasmin Stevens wants to share internal views about working for this start-up business and sister company of Project Start. 

Jasmin please can you tell us what digital marketing support do you provide for Office Owls?

I promote Office Owls as a business, digitally, so for example, I make sure to promote the brand and help the company reach potential clients and candidates through digital communication.

I provide social media management support, so I create social media content for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, I make sure that our digital marketing campaigns are successful by analysing insights and engaging with our customers to positively build on our brand relationship.

Take a look at what content I create for Office Owls here

I also help the company reach new prospect clients in the form of email marketing campaigns, which I enjoy creating and it’s a great feeling when your content generates effective results. Please take a look at one of my latest email marketing campaigns below…

Sales and marketing CM campaign

How do I put this into simple terms… Essentially I’m making clients and candidates aware that Office Owls exists.


What has been the feedback from the job-seeking market about Offices Owls branding?

Well, Oscar, the office owl is very recognisable, I think the branding was well thought through, owls are a symbol of wisdom, which is reciprocated in the form of our experienced sales consultants…

They can identify candidates in a variety of sectors such as Administration, Bookkeeping, Customer Services, Data Entry, Finance, HR, Legal and Sales and Marketing.


Can you please tell us what you enjoy most about working with Office Owls?

I have a background in marketing and journalism, so I feel like I have some sort of knowledge within the professional services sector, it’s a company that allows me to be creative, so I enjoy content creation and engagement the most with Office Owls…

We’re starting to introduce Office Owls locally and nationally, I’m glad to be a part of such a great team.


Jasmin, can you please tell us what separates Office Owls from other professional services recruitment agencies?

At Office Owls we pride ourselves on our well-established experience within the professional services industry, our consultants are professional and flexible, they create a bespoke engagement that is best suited for clients, as we know not every client has the same budget or style of recruiting.

Our strengths separate us from other agencies, we will find the best talent for your business whilst building a great partnership with you.

Office Owls is here to support your company’s growth and we do so effectively.


Can you please tell us where we can find out more about Office Owls?

If you would like to discover more about Office Owls you can visit our website…. 

Or contact us on 01454 808 608 for a chat about your current requirements and how we can support you with your recruitment needs or email

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